somewhere – out there

Posted on October 14, 2010


I always enjoy receiving my Barista Magazine in the mail. I feel immediately connected to the coffee community whenever I receive it. And much like when each of the Harry Potter books came out, I spend the entire day poring over the issue, taking in every word. I appreciate this magazine because it reads like a group of friends talking about this thing that we are all passionate about. It is not elitist, as could be expected from a specialty trade magazine. It is humble. It is sharing. It is like receiving a collaborative newsletter from friends all over the world.

It also inspires me and makes me ask questions.

I, obviously, cannot remain where I am. I need to grow. But how? Where? Is it time to develop something new and good in Tallahassee? Is it time to move to a place that already has good coffee and learn what I can from them? Or is it time to go home to Miami and start a movement? These are clearly not all the options….or even options thats are possible right now, they are just questions.

Whatever the answers to these questions are, wherever i end up, I will continue to draw on the relationships that I have been building, the friendships I have made with other coffee professionals. They have been truly encouraging.

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