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Posted on November 8, 2010


Not long ago I found myself incredibly discouraged at the prospect of starting my own cafe or even working in a quality driven cafe again simply because I find myself in a place that is devoid of any passion for the go-get-em drink. This is not to say that people are not flocking in droves to the nearest coffee dealer, be it Starbucks or any other provider, but all of these places are little more than caffeine vending machines, spitting out the fix that will get everyone out the door and on with their lives.

And then I received an email. Someone was interested in bringing a quality specialty coffee shop to Tallahassee and they wanted to meet with me. I admittedly did not know how to receive the invitation to meet because it was not the first, but as none of the previous ones had come through, my expectations of this meeting were low. The meeting did happen, however, and I began putting together a business plan and gathering together lists, connections and financial numbers. And then this contact fell off the grid.

It is unfortunate, really, but not altogether unexpected. There is a great upturn to this happening. I’ve enrolled in classes again and will be working toward finishing my degree – and I have begun all the early work for my new cafe finished.

I suppose while working on all that I did not think I had much to write, certainly not much I could write due to how early in the game this opportunity was. But I have missed this platform. I have missed talking about coffee and what it could be. What a coffee shop could become if done well.

And so, I hope to be writing a lot more. And I hope to be offering you, my readers, more interesting things to read.

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