Catalina Cafe.

Posted on April 19, 2011


Can you believe it has been this long since I have last posted? Of course you can. I am a bad man. A bad man.

Well, this week I was inspired. Several weeks ago a friend had mentioned a new shop to me and we made tentative plans to go check it out together. Well, we never made official plans and I forgot about the shop until Living Social posted an ad for them. Catalina Cafe stepped in and took over where Badass Coffee used to live. So, my fiancee, Shannon and I took a little drive over to test it out.

Upon walking in and sneaking a peak around, I thought to myself that this shop had potential. They had a Nuova Simonelli that looked practically new, and a pour over “station” with an Aeropress and a Hario V60. It didn’t appear that there were any airpots filled with old coffee. And they use locally roasted Lucky Goat coffee and Gainesville roaster Sweetwater Coffee. (Now, local doesn’t mean good. But I’m not critiquing Lucky Goat until I brew it myself at home) So I asked for a pour over of their Yirg while Shannon opted for the Raspberry Mocha. 🙂

And this is what happened.

The barista started pulling Shannon’s shots. They pulled in 14 seconds and then she started working on my pour over. The shots sat there. As she worked on my pour over it seemed that someone had taught her the steps but somewhere along the line she didn’t care to do it right and maybe even just assumed that no one would know the difference. She pre-rinsed the filter but in doing so it bunched up inside the V60 – so she took her fingers and pressed them all up inside the V60 plastering the filter along the side, bunched up as can be. She then dropped in the coffee and poured a little water to let it bloom.

Then she returned to the espresso which at this point had sat there for about 2 minutes. 2 minutes! She dropped the shots into a paper cup and pumped the syrups in. Then she steamed her milk. Once the milk started to scream she stopped it, poured it into the cup, topped it with the whipped cream and then came back to my pour over. It had bloomed. It had been bloomed. But she just drizzled that water into my cup and handed it over.

I don’t need to say it was a disappointing visit, do I? The problem is that there is some good potential there. And maybe there are better baristas.

And by the way, I don’t say this, or review any of our local shops to diss them. Definitely not! But if one opens a coffee shop I assume they are passionate about the industry – and it would be great if we started getting together to learn from each other and make the coffee situation in Tallahassee great!

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