back to it.

Posted on August 5, 2011


There is no excuse nor a clever way to explain why I forget to post new entries. Suffice it to say that I get busy and forget. I do miss my hours a day spent online though. 🙂 Unfortunately, until I get internet in my new abode I will probably spend less time on here – as if that was possible. There are too many Tamper Tantrum videos for me to catch up on, too many Handsome updates, too many Sprudge reports – and I haven’t even gotten close to the message boards. But I haven’t forgotten about my blog, or anyone else’s.

It seems that things for me are moving slowly but steadily. Things aren’t happening all at once, just constantly, which in many ways can be irritating. But they are good things and for that I am grateful. I moved into a new apartment and my fiancee, Shannon, was so great! She packed everything and has unpacked and set up almost everything in the new place! All while I’ve been at work. I also received good news about my recent position at work – it appears I won’t be in my current position for very long.

Setting up my coffee station in my new apartment is exciting. Once it looks glorious I will post a picture. Until then, this is my update. I must get back to work now.

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